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As an advocate for your student, I am often asked these common questions about my practice and experience.

Can you describe your typical client?
Actually, there is no “typical” client in my mind. Each child and family I work with have their unique strengths and challenges. I work with clients ranging from preschool through early college, as well as their families. They may have questions about learning patterns and needs, anxiety in and out of school, attention in school, organizing themselves, or a variety of other topics too.

Are you professionally licensed?
Of course! I am a Licensed Psychologist with a Ph.D. This means that I completed a doctorate program and all the requirements for a State License in Psychology, which is monitored by the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies.

Are you certified to work in school psychology?
Yes! I have a School Psychologist Certification from the Colorado Department of Education to practice School Psychology in the schools with students aged 0 to 21 years old.

What does it look like when you begin working with my child?
My process typically starts with a thorough interview with you and your child. Gathering this information helps me understand your goals and directs the next steps in counseling, psychoeducational assessment, and testing.

What does psychoeducational testing or assessment mean?
It is a fancy word that means I do psychology and educational tests to help students with learning, emotional, social, and friendship situations.

What does psychoeducational testing entail?
When testing a student, I look at the learning environment as well as the strengths and needs of each learner. Each assessment I conduct is unique to each student and is based on the questions or concerns families have.

My child has ADHD. Can you work with them to stay focused?
Students with ADHD can be exceptional learners! By working with students with ADHD, I identify areas where they would benefit from support. Additionally, my experience has taught me that organizational and planning assistance for students with ADHD can be vital to their success!

I don’t think my child is challenged enough in school. Do you work with “gifted” children?
I do. Gifted children can often feel “left behind” even though they are “ahead” of their peers. I work with gifted students and their families to build educational and developmental plans that ensure they are getting the stimulation and challenges they need to continue being successful.

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